Blog No.1

So it’s been my New Years resolution for the last 2 years that I’m going to start blogging 🙄 ... well we’re now in April and as they say better late than never so I’m biting the bullet and writing one!! 

I thought I would introduce myself first I am Astra Slater, owner and designer of Haarlem Bridal (formerly known as Timeless Couture) and my beautiful little boutique is situated in the heart of the Peak District at Haarlem Mill. 

(A rare selfie of me!) 

It was about this time 4 years ago that I made the decision to move my boutique to Haarlem Mill after outgrowing my previous boutique just up the road in the town of Wirksworth. 

I was the first person to take on a space at the mill as the renovations had only just got to the point of someone being able to move in ( I say that.... if you call having  no plumbing / electric / gas / phone or internet minor details!) Two fantastic men Colin and Barry had spent the previous 5 years renovating all the floors, windows, an entire new roof and re pointing each and every brick. 

This is what Haarlem Mill looked like when I signed the lease! I fell in love with the space instantly, the light airy feel and peacefulness of its setting and the fact I could design the interior space to accommodate both a boutique and work space made it perfect for me.

Although I loved the large open space I decided to add in walls to create different areas for the boutique, office and studio space. I loved the renovation process and was continually going down for updates,  I may have forgotten now how stressful it was trying to work and move at the same time though!

 A lot can happen in a month! It was about 6weeks after these pictures were taken I moved in, giving myself only a week to move from one shop to another as I had brides booked in the following week...of course! 

I had been friends with Kerry from Tineke Floral Designs for years previous and we had always longed for a shop together but never found the right space. After seeing the renovations happen with me and her lease coming to an end at her studio she made the decision to move in with me and we could make our dreams of having a shared creative space happen! 


These are the pictures of the first day we moved in!

and I have vowed to never move again! I have wayyy too much fabric, dresses and general sewing supplies not to mention my collection of industrial machines. Haarlem Mill were here to stay! 

To celebrate the opening of our new space we held a party and Rebecca Adlington came to officially open for us. 

 Renovations continued and we now have an amazing wedding venue just upstairs ( I’ll save that for another blog!) 

4 years on and Haarlem Mill has completely transformed and I couldn’t feel luckier to work in such a gorgeous space x 

Well I have given you all a little background to Haarlem Bridal and I am going to use this blog to share all of my real brides weddings. So if you have been a Timeless Couture or Haarlem Bride  please do send me your images! 


Astra xxx